Silvia Gomez Giusto

A WILD BODY (2018 -19)

Dramaturgy and Direction.

This play is created within the framework of the artistic/collaborative collective formed by Javier Daulte, Héctor Díaz, Silvia Gómez Giusto, María Marull and Paula Marull.

The play explores the concept of “the wild in man”. From the loss of the instinctive, the loss of freedom to the most brutal behavior in pursuit of an overvalued civility.

The story takes place in an aristocratic family in the early 1900s. Four teenage children, in the midst of sexual awakening and the discovery of love, will spend the whole summer with their parents at the family ranch, assisted by a foreman and an indigenous woman (the latter character is based on a true story that took place at the Museum of Natural Sciences of La Plata, where indigenous families were taken captive/imprisoned in the name of science).

The arrival of some European visitors disturbs the apparent quietness of the countryside. These, with the aim of starting the forbidden business of Absentha in Argentina, will be the metaphor of this story. Of everything censored for generations and generations, and of an enchanted body but threatened to become erotic or independent in the face of patriarchy.


Virginia Kaufmann, Rafael Solano, Silvina Katz, Lucía Villanueva,

Matías Broglia, Mauro Alvarez, Cecilia Marani,

Jazmín Falak, Manuel Melgar, Flora Riviére

Costumes: Jam Monti

Lighting: Sebastián Francia

Set Design and Production: Alicia Leloutre, José Escobar, Julieta Kompel

Photography: evasdrujula

Press: Duche&Zarate

Artistic collaboration: Aliana Alvarez Pacheco

Direction and production assistance: Rocío Literas

Direction: Silvia Gómez Giusto


Teatro: “Un cuerpo salvaje”, de Silvia Gómez Giusto