Silvia Gomez Giusto

Festival Europe + América. (2016)

Hombre con gafas de pasta, by Jordi Casanovas (Spain) / Adaptation and direction : Silvia Gómez Giusto.

11 foreign authors – 11 Argentine directors

Under the curatorship and direction of Matías Umpierrez, with production by EUNIC (European Union National Institute for Culture), in co-production with Embassies and Cultural Institutions of Europe and America and independent theaters of the theatrical circuit of the City of Buenos Aires.

International Playwriting Festival Europa + América, specialized in the staging of foreign dramatic literature.

The crossing that involved more than 100 artists from Europe and America, will be Luciano Cáceres, Silvia Gómez Giusto, Alfredo Staffolani, Paula Marull, Matías Sendón, Agostina López, Alberto Ajaka, Jorge Eiro, Francisco Lumerman, Ignacio Sánchez Mestre and Sofía WIlhelmi who will direct the plays selected for this edition.



Jordi Casanovas

Acting: Ramiro Agüero, Paula Manzone, Paula Marull, Marcelo Melingo

Costume design: Peta Acevedo

Set design: Matias Sasaki

Lighting design: Leo D’aiuto

Musicalization: Aliana Alvarez Pacheco, Silvia Gómez Giusto

Assistant director: Aliana Alvarez Pacheco

Direction and text adaptation: Silvia Gómez Giusto