Silvia Gomez Giusto

India. Premio Artei en dramaturgia (2016)

India is a love story. A couple floating in their bourgeois problems and who will survive when they can ask themselves the big question: what makes us happy? In the tone of a dramatic comedy, India is a story of love in contemporary adult life. A couple in crisis, in a world in crisis. In this endless search, Clara and Leo wander the world hoping to find the solution somewhere. As if the love that brought them together could no longer rescue them. As if distance were the only way to find each other again, different, after having gone through that journey.



Dramaturgy and Direction: Silvia Gómez Giusto

Actors: Julia Catalá – Claudia Mac Auliffe – Paula Manzone – Elvira Massa, Mauro Alvarez – Guillermo Rovira – Gabriel Yamil

Costumes: Paz Maciel

Set design: Gustavo Coll

Lighting: Matías Sendón

Assistant director: Aliana Alvarez Pacheco

Press: Carolina Alfonso

Artistic production: Aliana Alvarez Pacheco

Artistic Collaboration: Diego Brizuela

Playwright supervision: Javier Daulte