Silvia Gomez Giusto


Association of Friends of the National Museum of Fine Arts (2021)

Program Coordination: Silvia Gómez Giusto

The Laboratorio de Artes Vivas (LAV) of Amigos del Bellas Artes emerges as a new transdisciplinary space to foster collaboration, research and work between different artistic languages. From the performing arts in fusion with other disciplines such as the visual arts, we founded a space where new results can emerge that break the boundaries of the established and thus conquer new audiences while reaching new aesthetics of experience and event.

The crossings between disciplines strengthen our link with art, whether we are spectators or creators of an artistic event. We propose then, to generate a new space for the production of courses, workshops and activities related to theater, its origins and its history, which allows us to remember great consecrated figures and at the same time to investigate new possible languages in the field of the scenic.  The LAV will operate through different dynamics and for different audiences: 1). Theoretical courses and seminars for all audiences and 2). Practical workshops led by prestigious artists, aimed at both practicing and emerging creators who wish to train and establish a direct dialogue with these representative figures of contemporary art, both local and international. 

History, thought, research, practice, reflection, criticism and creation are some of the key words of this new transdisciplinary proposal that was conceived from the diverse visions of the world in the current cultural context.