Silvia Gomez Giusto

PERFORMANCE. Every thing is all things - FILBA

A mountain of books, an arbitrary and personal library. A woman picks up a book and reads a random fragment. And another woman responds with another fragment from another book as impulsive as random. When the contact is remote, the words are a bridge. Meanwhile, someone types what she hears in a document we share. She interprets, translates, takes notes, as she can or as she wants, crossed by her own references, by her own experience. She wants to be a blank paper, she tries to be. And those captured readings, those notes that pursue the meaning and do not manage to catch it, are building a collective and continuous text, in a pure present. 

Cada cosa es todas las cosas is a remote performance inspired by “El espíritu es un libro” by Agustina Muñoz and Bárbara Hang.


Directed by: Cynthia Edul

Guest artists: Silvia Gómez Giusto – Paula Salomón