Silvia Gomez Giusto

KINGDOMS - Bone Cabinet. Museum of Decorative Art

Kingdoms by Celina Saubidet and Marina Molinelli Wellsgran is a sample of their research deployed in four spaces of the National Museum of Decorative Art (which functions as a perfect chest, a jewel box that in turn is a great gem in itself) spun by that look that abstracts, poeticizes and transfigures the forms as if trying to decipher a language that speaks to us in common and reconnect us with a whole.

For modern biology there are at least five kingdoms of the living, and although civilization tries to forget it, we humans are included in one of them: the animal. Seen from the microscope we resemble a dragonfly or a linden leaf. Seen through his (Cabinet’s) eyes, we can bloom like a daisy, change our skin like a snake or twine with the gait of a snail. Cabinet is interested in nature that which is beyond the reach of the human eye, not only in terms of its physical capacity, but also in that which is insignificant or negligible for the considerations of everyday culture, such as a peanut shell or a twig lost in the garden.   He unveils it and gives it the character of an aesthetic object, turns it into jewelry, enlarges it into sculpture or crystallizes it into eternal memory. He transmutes the materials to make solid what is fluid and invisible and brings it in its new matter to the visible space. He freely travels the extremes of the range of scales from micro to macro and vice versa, he thinks of jewelry as portable sculpture and sculpture as an immersive space that reveals on a large scale what is tiny in its origin. He makes of the most modest things a talisman to inhabit, to contemplate or to carry. And he does so because in that repertoire of his interest he reads a common language. That is the whole movement and that is what he offers us as an experience in this exhibition. For Cabinet Óseo, form is a language.

*Excerpt curatorial text by Silvia Gurfein – Artist


Artists: Cabinet Óseo / Celina Saubidet and Marina Molinelli Wells

Author texts for sound actions within the exhibition: Silvia Gómez Giusto

Voice: Luciana Godoy (Spanish) – Jennifer Moule (English)

Performers: Flora Riviere – Rodolfo Prantte – Mauro Álvarez