Silvia Gomez Giusto


Author and director: Javier Daulte (2018/19)

The universe of mirrors, Chinese boxes, labyrinths, riddles without solution. Games that seduce us with their vertigo and bring us closer to existential abysses. The strange and the familiar within the same continent. New faces for the known, and others, known, for the new. Two stories that unfold to talk about the same thing.


Dramaturgy and Direction: Javier Daulte

Actors: Silvia Gómez Giusto, Matías Broglia, Federico Buso, Carla Scatarelli

Costumes: Jam Monti

Set design: Julieta Kompel

Lighting design: Sebastián Francia

Video: Franco Gabriel Verdoia Franco Gabriel Verdoia

Assistant director: Rocío Literas