Silvia Gomez Giusto

Lo sútil del desamor. Cervantes National Theater 

Author and Authoress meet to write one last play together. One “of love”. They establish their conditions, set their boundaries and delimit their territories. A last attempt to create something together again, which is not a pitched battle. They define the setting, the space and their characters. Author writes HER, and Author writes HIM. SHE and HIM will be living a story that Author and Author will be building and tearing apart, at the same time that what is left of their own love begins to fade away.

With Héctor Díaz, Malena Figó, María Marull and Marcelo Subiotto.

Original music on stage Fernando Albinarrate
Choreography Silvia Gómez Giusto
Lighting Adrián Grimozzi
Costumes Jam Monti
Set design Darío Feal

Direction Paula Marull

El1 Digital by Matías Ezequiel González
MW- Martín Wullich by Germán A. Serain

Lo sutil del desamor