Silvia Gomez Giusto


Winner of the Opera Prima Competition at the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center (2011).

As Work in Progress is part of La noche de los Museos (2010) / Casa de la Cultura.

In an art gallery six characters relate to each other from an apparent well-being and a constant demonstration of power. Giving light to dissatisfaction, disaffection or failure represents for them a danger zone.


Author Directed by: Silvia Gómez Giusto

Actors: Angela Torres, Federico Buso, Cecilia Rainero, Eva Fernández, Violeta Nigro, Guillermo Rovira, Jorge Sabaté.

Costumes: Mercedes Arturo

Set design: Gustavo Coll

Lighting design: Leonardo D’ Aiuto

Object realization: Celina Saubidet

Music: Diego Monk, Sebastián Schachtel

General assistance: Mariana Etchepare

Press: Debora Lachter

Artistic collaboration: Paula Salomon